Hello! If you are reading this, you are likely a current or prospective Seedscout Pro customer. Here you can see the breakdown of what you get when you sign up for Seedscout Pro. In short, you’re not buying intros. You’re buying seeds for new relationships. At the end of the day, Seedscout has the goal to expand your investor network so you can be better positioned to raise capital. There are two types of introductions.

Investor Intro Requests

Intro requests to investors who investing for a living or as a professional angel investor. You get investor introductions when we trigger intro requests that go to them, and when they accept, we’ll connect you two This is called a double opt in intro. We control the intro requests because we know our network better than anyone but you can always give us a list of people you want us to request intros to.

You can track your intros in the Seedscout dashboard. Every intro request we send is in the dashboard, and you can track who passed, why they passed, and who you got introduced to.

Screen Shot 2022-09-04 at 2.32.18 PM.png

Magic Intros

These are what I consider "friendly" intros. These are people who work with Seedscout that aim to help our founders with feedback, intros, and industry advice. They also are good for expanding the network. All of these people have the power to write you a check too if they feel compelled, but their main job is to help you become a better fundraiser. Each magic intro comes with built in feedback into our flow, so you get structured data after every one of these conversations.

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The Seedscout UX

Seedscout has very little UX for our founders. We trigger the intro requests and we trigger the magic intros. The only thing that founders really need to interface with is fielding the intros we make for them in their inbox. Optionally, founders can log into Seedscout and see our list of investors and mentors + see their introductions, but this is just an add on. The core user experience is the founders not thinking about Seedscout until an intro lands in their inbox, then it’s on them from there.

More Features of Seedscout

600+ Investors Have Opted Into Seedscout (and growing weekly)

Our investors network is made up of people who have opted in via our site for deal flow. We don’t scrape our list. We have built up a reputation amongst investors for having a nice stream of deal flow and every week, we are rewarded for this by growing our investor base.

Gauge Your Raise Objectively Via our IE Score

By joining Seedscout, you’re joining a network of dozens of other startups who are getting intro requests every week. By virtue of this type of work, we see the companies who get most intros and we see the companies that get very few, and we track this metric into something called an efficacy score. In short, the score is an extrapolation of if we sent each startup 100 intro request, how many investors would take an intro? 50? Then your score is 50%. 15? Then your score is 15%. 56? Then your score is 56%. Every founder in our ecosystem has a different score. Every month we share the scores anonymously with our customer base so they can see where they stand amongst all the other founders in our network. Although sometimes painful, it’s always useful in gauging how your raise is going.